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At Brand Influencers Factory, we are an agency in which we don’t get Content Marketing without a good SEO ranking strategy. To do this, before getting creative when it comes to producing new content, we crawl the web to see which keywords are the ones that generate the most searches and interest. At BIF, we leave nothing to chance.

SEO Analisis

SEO Analisis

Before starting with the SEO strategy, we start with an SEO analysis to know the current state of your website, and SEO standards compliance.

Off-Site SEO

Off-Site SEO

We gather the factors that Google takes into account, and that have nothing to do with content strategy.

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO

We develop a content strategy especially indicated to "attack" the keywords of our interest, in order to improve our ranking in Google.

SEO Analisis

Do you Want Us to Check Your Website Status?

To find out the SEO compliance state of your website with the Google’s Core Web Vitals, you can contact us and make an appointment for a free SEO Analisis, no strings attached. 


Digital Platforms We Use.

Before starting with the SEO Strategy Approach, it’s necessary to select the appropriate platforms we will use, in order to reach maximum ROI.



One of the most popular web content platforms, which makes it not only easy to follow an SEO strategy, but easy to set up and get tools.



We take advantage of the tools provided by Google to analyze web data, and keywords, thanks to Google Analytics and Search Console.


Social Networks

We select the appropriate Social Networks to share web content, and offer us the competitive advantage of indexing the content on Google as well.

Brand Influencers Factory

How Our Agency Can Help You.

Google’s neural network changes an average of 8 times a day, so strategies are constantly evolving, just like ours.

Security is something Google takes very seriously, that's why pages that have this type of encryption are benefited by search engines. You will be able to recognize a website with SSL encryption from another wothout it, because of the encrypted ones start with https:// instead of http://.

    SSL Encrypting

    According to international SEO Neil Patel, 40% of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. The usability of the website is very important, that's why the faster your website loads (both in desktop and mobile) will also be rewarded by Google.

      Charging Speed

      When they give us a recommendation, we all take it into account, right? Well, Google does that too. When we get another website to link to our website, Google understands that as a "recommendation" that it takes into account to rank your page.


        Until recently, to rank a website, the desktop version of a website was taken as a reference, but now, due to the fact that the use of mobile devices has grown exponentially, Google mainly takes into account the mobile. Which means that your website has to be more than just responsive.

          Mobile-First Index

          The Google search engine has ceased to be a simple algorithm long ago, to become an artificial intelligence neural network. That means that the texts you put on your website are important for Google, so it can understand what you are talking about on it, and what you are an expert on. Therefore, we must try to put long and very detailed texts.

            Long Texts

            Unlike our text content, our URLs should be as short as possible, and with the keywords that our content talks about, or for which we intend to position ourselves in Google.

              Short URL's

              Before we can start writing content, we will carry out a keyword analysis for which we want to rank ourselves, their difficulty and competition, in addition to making an analysis of the direct competition. With the study of keywords and the SEO analysis of the competition, we will then develop a content strategy to produce content in order to improve your Google ranking.

                Keyword Study

                The perfect complement for any video-marketing campaign. YouTube, being owned by Google, all its content is natively indexed, so SEO strategies can also be applied when producing our video content.

                  Youtube SEO

                  It is not enough to have the best keywords selected, when we talk about content, we must also include images and their SEO-optimization, not jut to improve user experience, but also to be able to continue ranking positions in Google.

                    SEO on Images

                    Having a CWV score between 90 and 100 on your website is a fundamental part since 2021, in order to rank your website on Google. CWV are some parameters created by Google, based on User Experience (UX), that filtrates "good" pages from the "bad" ones.

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