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Brand Influencers Factory  is an agency in which our main focus is written Content Marketing, infographics, photography, audio or even video, either for Social Networks or for your website. Using well-planned strategies to attract users to your content, and thus be able to improve the positioning of your brand, since SEO and Content go hand in hand.


The use of written content is of the utmost importance, especially if we plan to use SEO positioning strategies.


We are able to take advantage of the attractiveness that images and even infographics have on social networks


Video is the greatest marketing tool there is! And thanks to Social Networks, it is accessible to all pockets.


Where the Conten Experts gather.

Recently, Content Marketing LATAM, a Content Marketing company founded by the renowned Fernando Labastida, recognized Brand Influencers Factory as one of the 12 Latin American Content Marketing Blogs you should know about, for our YouTube channel on Content Marketing, SEO and Influencer Marketing.

Content Marketing

Content Strategy.

To constantly create content is not easy, that’s why it’s essential to follow Content Strategies that help us achieve the goals we want for your brand or business.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content

Content that, as its name suggests (Always Green), is timeless content that will always generate searches, and like a good wine, never goes out of style, and generates very good long-term results.
This content is important when we are starting to create an audience from scratch, and we want the ROI of our campaign not to fade over time. That is why networks like Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter are not the ones indicated for this kind of strategy.

Inbound Content

Inbound Content

It's just informative content, whose function is to demonstrate professionalism and knowledge that the brand has about a given topic.
It's usually a type of strategy that goes very hand in hand with Evergreen content, although it does not have to be always like that.
With this type of content, what is intended is to sell without selling.

Transactional Content

Transactional Content

It is a content in which we can demonstrate, in the same way as with Inbound, our high level of experience and knowledge, but with a particularity; the content is intended for users who already have the intention of buying.

We attract users who are already planning to make a purchase and give them several purchase options to intentionally boost the sale of products or services from your e-commerce.

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