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Influencer Marketing is one of the rising Marketing trends of the las decade, despite how controversial it may be, its results and efficiency can’t be denied.

In Brand Influencers Factory we are a Influencer Marketing Agency capable of summoning up to 10K micro-influencers simultaneously in just one campaing, localized in Mexico, or anywhere else.


Brand Influencers Factory

Influencer Agency

Despite influencers may be a recent invention, they aren’t any recent at all. Influencers are opinion leaders, suchs as the ones that always existed (famous people, artists, polititians,…) that create their own content on digital platforms, and have a mass of followers to whom they have the ability to influence. According to a Deloitte Report, at least a 72% of users has made a purchase decision based only on the recommendation of an influencer. That’s due to their content, which is much more real and reliable than the one produced by conventional opinion leaders, and connects deeply with their followers.

Data Base

We give you a data base with the most relevant micro-influencers for your business niche.

Exposure Rise

Leverage your brand with the exposure only influencers are capable to offer.

Target Bullseye

We reach and select just the right influencers for the right purpose and brand.

Influencer's Power

On a year, worldwide traditional media combined (TV, radio, cinema, press,…) were able to create 1.7 bilion views and 46.1 bilion interactions. Impressive numbers, though they’re not even close to much the engagement made by Influencers.

On the same time span, Influencers created 6 trilion views and 209.1 bilion interactions!

Para que sirven los influencers y cuanto cuesta un influencer

Influencers & Micro-Influencers

There are different kind of influencers, from Nano-Influencers (from 1K to 10K followers), Micro-Influencers (10K to 100K followers), Mid-Tier Influencers (100K to 500K followers), Macro-Influencers (500K to 1M followers) and Celebrities (>1M followers).
However, we prefer to work with Micro-Influencers before Celebrities, besides the last ones having much more followers.
That’s due Micro-Influencers Engagement Rate is higher thant Celebrities. That’s why sometimes is best to work with a bunch of Micro-Influencers rather than with a Celebrity. This way, ROI is far higher.

Strategic Partners

In order to be able to create the best Influencer Marketing Campaigns, you have to count with the best. That’s why BIF works with one of the best Influencer Marketing Ageny in Spain, Mr. Who

Optimized Campaigns

Performance Oriented Campaigns.

Most of the agencies act as a representative agency. They represent some Influencers, and charge you depening on the kind of posts and ammount.

With us, you don’t have to worry about the kind and number of posts, just worry on their performance. Our Campaigns aren’t based on the number os posts influencers create, but for the performance they have.

We aren’t a representation agency, we don’t protect influencer’s interests. We are a Influencer Marketing Agency, we protect yours.

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