Cómo la búsqueda por voz está cambiando el SEO para influencers

How Voice Search Is Changing SEO For Influencers.

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and as influencers, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends to maintain a competitive edge online. One of the most recent and significant trends in the world of SEO is voice search.

With the growing popularity of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, voice search has become an increasingly popular way to find information online. As a result, influencers need to adapt their SEO strategy to take advantage of this new trend.

In this article, we’ll explore how voice search is changing SEO for influencers and how you can adapt to these new trends to improve your visibility online. Assuming of course, that influencers have their own website, as we advised in our previous post.

The importance of conversational content.

Voice search is conversation-based, so it’s important to create conversational content. This means that you must create content that answers specific questions that users may ask their virtual assistants.

Influencers must create content that is easy to understand and that answers specific questions that users may ask. Content should be concise and to the point, which means it’s important for content creators to research the most common questions their followers ask.

To do this, they can rely on freemium tools such as Answer The Public, where they can search for the most searched questions related to a particular keyword.

The use of keywords in the long term.

Unlike text searches, voice searches tend to be longer and more complex. Users often ask full questions instead of just searching for a word or phrase.

As a result, it’s important for influencers to focus on long-term keywords rather than individual keywords. Influencers should research the most common questions their followers ask and create content that focuses on answering these specific questions.

The importance of website speed.

Website speed is an important part of SEO in general, but it’s especially important in voice search. Virtual assistants look for quick and concise answers, so websites that take a long time to load are less likely to appear in responses. Influencers need to ensure that their website is optimized for speed and efficiency.

Optimization for local search.

Voice search has become a popular way to find local information. Users can ask their virtual assistants to give them information about nearby restaurants, shops, and events.

This is why influencers need to make sure their website is optimized for local search. This means including all the information regarding the business on your website, and in the content published on social networks, activating geolocation and tagging.

The importance website's structure.

Website structure is also important in voice search. Users often ask specific questions, so it’s important that relevant content is readily available and easy to find.

Influencers need to ensure that their website is structured in a clear and logical manner, with easy navigation and a clear and readable page layout.

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  • Best practices for adapting to voice search in SEO for influencers

Best practices for adapting to voice search in SEO for influencers:


  • Create conversational content and answer specific questions
  • Focus on long-term keywords
  • Optimize website speed and efficiency
  • Optimize for local search
  • Structure the website clearly and logically
  • Use featured snippets
  • Optimize for mobile devices

Voice search is changing the way users search for information online. As influencers, it is important to adapt to these new trends in order to maintain a competitive advantage online.

By focusing on creating conversational content, using long-term keywords, optimizing for website speed and website structure, and optimizing for local search, influencers can improve their online visibility and reach a wider audience.

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