Influencer Marketing para principiantes

Influencer Marketing for Beginners.

Basically, Influencer Marketing is when brands and companies use content creators on social networks to promote their products or services, or make their brand known. Thanks to marketing strategies with influencers, different objectives can be achieved in accordance with the intention and budget of the brand:

  • Conversion, thanks to nano and micro influencers, since they have a higher Engagement Rate.
  • Brand Awareness, thanks to the macro influencers and Celebrities, due to the wide range of followers they have.
  • Conversion and Brand Awareness, if a hybrid strategy is used with nano and micro influencers, together with macro influencers and Celebrities.

What's an Influencer?

Basically, an influencer is an opinion leader with the ability to influence a sector of the population. From what we can deduce that influencers have existed all their lives since the human being lives in society.

In prehistory, the opinion leader was the shaman of the tribe, then the religious leader, until our time when opinion leaders include different personalities such as the artist, the politician, the athlete, the journalist, …

What is the difference then between opinion leaders and influencers? Simply, it is that before, opinion leaders had to go through filters to become leaders (media, sports clubs, political parties,…) now anyone who has a message, a cell phone with a camera, internet connection, and an audience that listens is an influencer.

Why Investing in Influencer Marketing?

Plain and simple, because it works! But don’t take my word for it. You can check the report made by the Influencer Marketing Hub in 2022, in which we can basically see an upward trend in company investments in this type of Digital Marketing strategy. Specifically, from 2016 to 2022, global investment has increased by 864%.

What do you have to know before investing in Influencer Marketing.

The high popularity of this upward trend in digital marketing, and its high demand, make many companies and brands launch these types of campaigns without being very clear about how they work. That’s why before launching an Influencer Marketing campaign, you have to have a few things very clear:

  • What is the objective of the campaign? Conversion? Brand Awareness?
  • What is the total budget to have to carry out a campaign of this type?
  • How are you going to measure the success or failure of the campaign?
  • Do you know which, or which, are the right influencers to achieve your goals? Keep in mind that an influencer with millions of influencers may not bring you a significant number of sales.

Training for Agencies, Brands and the Media Outlets.

Something that we have realized is that, more often than ever, the problem, both in agencies, brands and the media, is the lack of knowledge and training in the industry.

That is why the IM365 platform has been created, a platform dedicated to the dissemination of good practices, strategies, and trends, in which agencies, brands, and media can extract all the knowledge and experience in this regard.

Ventajas de Contratar una Agencia SEO

And if you require an Influencers campaign with a certain guarantee of success, and with an agency supporting you with experience in the industry, contact us without any commitment.

At Brand Influencers Factory we will be happy to support you.

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