Cómo crear una Revista Digital en 2022

How to Create a Digital Magazine in 2022

Increasingly, brands and companies are leaping the complete digitization of their businesses, incorporating the creation of value and quality content into their existing marketing strategies. So much so, that it no longer seems crazy to many, to create a digital magazine parallel to their main businesses, and thus become a PyMED.

Personally, in less than 2 months I have been invited to a couple of meetings to discuss the creation of brand new digital magazines, and in both meetings, 2 important points were highlighted: how to get benefits, and how to get readers.

That is why today I am going to share with you what are the basic elements to start creating a digital magazine, with long-term growth prospects.

Without SEO there’s no magazine. Period!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, and as many times as necessary until it is understood once and for all, in everything that involves ranking and creating content, in addition to building a competitive digital platform, SEO is IM-PRES- CIN-DI-BLE!

Because SEO our magazine will rank in search engines like Google, which will help us attract more readers, that will ultimately help us generate more income from advertisers and sponsors. This saying among SEO’s is well known “If you want to bury a corpse, do it on page #2 of Google results”. So if you have a platform ranked on page #1 of Google, you have one of the best sales arguments.

If you want to bury a corpse, do it on page #2 of Google results

Your Magazine MUST be (technically) SEO-Optimized.

At first, the number of readers will be 0 (not counting our friends and family), so we have to start generating organic traffic. And this will only be achieved with a good SEO strategy by selecting the best keywords, to develop our content. Why leave the content to chance and creativity, if you can help yourself with the data that Google gives us?

Only if we create content that best response to the user’s search, that content will rank better. Therefore, SEO is important from a strategic point of view, but it must be accompanied by a deep knowledge of what is being talked about. And that is only achieved with passionate creators who dominate their industry.

Magazine’s Digital Reputation.

If there is something that characterizes media well settled on the Internet for some time, it is that they have an important digital reputation. That means that Google trusts them and that their content has a good value. And for your magazine, as the media platform that it is, you have to get your digital reputation to rise the same.

For this, Linkbuilding is vital. This consists of getting a magazine with a greater digital reputation than yours, to put a link to your website, in a piece of its content. Google interprets this as a recommendation. Therefore, it helps us increase our digital reputation and our search engine ranking.

Social Media Use.

When choosing the Social Media platforms as a support and dissemination platform for our content, be very selective with them, since no matter how popular some social networks may be, that doesn’t guarantee better ROI. Use platforms indexed by search engines such as Google, like YouTube and Pinterest. If you’re not indexed in Google, you don’t exist.

With this, I am not saying that you have to forget networks like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, at all, but that we give the appropriate strategic importance to each one of the Social Networks. And these last 3 networks mentioned are much more profitable when used in Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Although as I made clear in a previous post, it’s also possible to use ranking strategies simultaneously with Influencer Marketing if you know how to select the right platform, the right influencer, and the kind of content.

How to get Revenue from a Digital Magazine.

It’s well known that the costs of creating a digital magazine are not even close to those of a traditional printed magazine. But that doesn’t mean that making it profitable is any easier. The initial investment that creating it from scratch means without readers or subscribers, not only for the construction of the platform but also for the constant creation of content, means that from the very beginning we must have an income source strategy.
There are several ways, some well known, and others used by other larger digital magazines.

Google Adsense Baby!

After having generated more than 20 pieces of content (in addition to the good SEO-optimized web architecture) it allows you to create a Google AdSense account to which you can link your digital magazine, so that it displays random ads that Google itself will take care of to expose where it deems most convenient on your website, automatically.

This is one of the most popular methods, and the main one to consider for any digital content platform that wants to diversify its source of income.

Sponsors & Ads

This is the traditional way printed magazines made money, and it’s still being done (and should be) today. But the problem is that if the platform is not well ranked on search engines, doesn’t have a decent digital reputation and doesn’t have a high volume of conversions, subscribers and quality leads, I don’t think that this way of capitalization can be used from the start. That’s why SEO is so important!


Although most digital magazines with e-commerce didn’t start from scratch as magazines, but as e-commerces, the trend is that in e-commerce, the star product isn’t the products sold in it. It’s the content. An example of it is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.

Another company that turned its content into another product of its business is The Dollar Shave Club, which created MEL Magazine. But the peculiarity of this magazine is that, in addition to being a magazine that exists in the digital environment, it’s a subscription-only printed magazine as well.

Therefore, incorporating a strategy that includes the sale of products as a plus, to obtain remuneration can be a very good strategy to obtain benefits.

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