5 Tips de Video Marketing para PyMES

5 Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Video Marketing is the best marketing tool that exists, whether you’re using it in your Content Marketing strategy or your Influencer Marketing campaign. And that’s because video has more engagement, shareability and conversion than any other format yet. 

El Contenido en Video es más poderoso que cualquier otro formato

A lot of people talks about creating videos to rank on Google, but when it comes to reallity, not all content in any platforms does that. You must choose carefully your platforms in order to rank your brand, and have in mind that ranking in Google only works if you plan for the long term game.

In order to get the maximum ROI possible from video, here I leave you some profesional tips:

Create a Video Marketing Content Strategy

A Video Marketing Content Strategy is not very different than creating a Content Strategy. First, you have to create your Buyer Persona and its Costumer Journey. Only if you know your ideal client (your Buyer Persona) and in which step of the Costumer Journey it may be, then you will be able to create the right content just for it (or them).

Since there exists platforms form which you can beneffit from a SEO strategy to position your content in browsers like Google, we suggest you to make a keyword research, and try to find which are the most browsed keywords in Google (or YouTube) and create content all around it.

If you’re creating content with no long term value, like for instagram or Tik Tok, then, there’s no point on doing any SEO research. But, that’s not something we recommend. We strongly suggest you to take advantages of plataforms like YouTube, that allows you to give long term ROI.

Plan out your production process.

Before you start shooting, you need to think through the entire production process. This includes planning out your script, choosing your equipment, and setting up your lighting. It’s also helpful to write down any questions you might have before you shoot so you don’t forget anything during the actual filming.

But, if we’ve learned something about videos on the internet for years, is that nowadays, a Hollywood kind of production is not really needed, just as long as your content has value and its capable to connect with audiences through:

Something you have to have very clear before starting writting a script, is that absolutely NOBODY wants to see commercials, so try to avoid making one (unless your planning to use if for YouTube Display).

When it commes to shooting, just have a few things in mind, you or the space or action you will be shooting has to be well iluminated, so try to use as many lamps as you can and avoid shooting with any sources of lights on the back (like the sun). The other thing is that audio must be clear to understand it, so try to shoot on a quiet place, or try to use the mic from your headphones as a lavalier mic.

Choose the Right Platform.

Choosing the right platform could mean the fail or success of your video marketing campaign. You have to consider a few variables on each platform before publishing your video:

Is my Buyer Persona there? For example, if your product or service is fitted for lawyers, your best platform is Linkedin and YouTube, since is where your audience “lives”. If your product is make up, then your platform to go is instagram and youtube.

You’ve noticed that I’ve mentioned YouTube on both examples, that’s because that platform is used by both all Buyer Personas through Google. And since almost 93% of digital experiences start with Google, it’s most likely to be usefull for both of them.

Choose the Right Format.

Video Marketing nowadays can be seen in multiple options; less than a minute videos, vertical shooted videos through cellphone, long videos… the right format will be determined mostly with the Video Marketing Content Strategy done at the very beginning, and through the choosen platform.

Your Web must be Included on Your Video Marketing Strategy.

SEO is one of the top digital marketing strategies actually. It helps to rank your website and your brand organically on browsers, and rises ROI. 

So, it doesn’t matter if your content is set for a more ephemeral platform such as Instagram, your content must be embeded to your website, so your website help your content to give long term ROI.


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