Ventajas de Contratar una Agencia SEO

Discover the Advantages of Hiring a SEO Agency

SEO is one of the most profitable strategies of digital marketing (we have already said it many times), since despite being a strategy that gives long-term results, once it starts to give them, the ROI only goes up, as long as you don’t stop working on it. Therefore, if you do not have a team within your company specialized in SEO, we recommend that you hire an SEO agency in your city. Know the benefits of hiring an SEO agency

They have Experience with Many Industries.

An SEO positioning agency has worked with clients in multiple industries. This means that they understand how to optimize websites for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They also know what keywords to use to attract visitors to your website.

YouTube is also another important factor, since beyond being a video on demand platform, or a social network, it is essentially a search engine. Actually the 2nd most used search engine in the world!

They identify your Ideal Client

Content is the main engine of any SEO strategy. And to create the content that really interests your Ideal Client (or Buyer Persona), you have to identify him, know who he is, what motivates him, what his fears are, his dreams… beyond the pure demographic data that Google Analytics gives us. 

Once you have defined who your Ideal Client is, and at what stage of the Customer Journey they are, then we can make tailored content specially created for them.

If Helps you Build Your Brand.

An SEO positioning agency helps you establish yourself as an authority in your industry. This means that when people search for products or services related to your business, they will first find your website. You can also use these agencies to develop a strong social media presence.

Digital reputation, is something that can only be achieved over time, and with a constant publication of valuable content, is one of the most important factors to be able to position yourself above your competitors.

Linkbuilding, digital PR.

Getting other web pages with a good digital reputation (domain name) is one of the most difficult factors to achieve, since it is not so important to get a large number of websites to “recommend” you, but you have to do Ethical Linkbuilding.

Quantity is no longer important, the important thing is the quality of the publications. And knowing how to deal with the right publications and collaborate with them is something that SEO agencies know how to achieve successfully.

Discovery of New Business Opportunities.

Thanks to the fact that SEO agencies know how to detect the search patterns of users in search engines, they can detect new business opportunities related to your niche.

In other words, if you have a SPA, and they detect that there is an increase in searches with the intention of purchasing a certain product related to SPAs, then you can consider starting to incorporate that product, to sell it to your customers.

A Whole SEO Team for a Fraction of the Cost.

SEO is not a matter that only one person can carry out successfully, since there are different aspects that make up the success or failure of SEO, and that is why a SEO agency has different specialists for different tasks.

  • A good web architecture made by a team of programmers and UX specialists, to respect the Core Web Vitals.
  • A good keyword research study, and classification based on the type of content or where the Buyer Persona is in the Customer Journey.
  • A team of writers who create articles and scripts for videos.
  • A team of video producers for audiovisual content.
  • A team of Community Managers who are responsible for sharing the content on the indicated platforms, at the indicated time.
  • An analytical data interpretation team.

This and much more is what makes up an SEO team, and this is what you are hiring when you hire an external SEO agency, which allows you to maximize resources and optimize results.

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