Influencer Marketing Week CDMX

Successfully concludes the 1st edition of the Influencer Marketing Week in Mexico City!

Influencer marketing continues to grow, with great success and participation, the 1st edition of Influencer Marketing Week was held, where Marketing Agencies, Media and influencers exchanged points of view and expressed their main concerns in the discussion tables, which were performed during the event on October 13, which was held at the Life casino in Mexico City.

Around the popular figure of the influencer there is an entire industry that provides proposals and solutions to the different situations that advertisers, agencies, influencers or content creators find themselves in. Showing the news, trends and good practices of influencer marketing, was the purpose for which the organization decided to set up the Influencer Marketing Week, which in Spain has just celebrated its 4th edition, this October 7, as part of the event celebrated in our country.

During the event there were great leaders and representatives of the industry such as; Mayra Alcántara, Director of Influencer Marketing at Another, named one of the 100 brightest minds in Latin America in Digital Marketing, by the specialized magazine Merca 2.0, who highlighted the 3 perspectives that must be taken into account for this type of action, such as that of the Brand, the influencer and the Audience must be fully aligned.

Mayra Alcantara, Another
Mayra Alcantara, Head of Influencer Marketing at Another..

The participation of Javier Yuste, CEO of Binfluencer, also stood out, explaining how the technology that can be applied today to this Marketing discipline has led to a substantial improvement in results.

For her part, Marisel López, Business Development Manager of Hypeuditor, pointed out that it is necessary to establish a clear methodology for this type of campaign and thus avoid typical mistakes, such as not choosing the right influencers for the right client.

The last intervention of the morning was given by Mario Betancourt, CMO at Zexel, where I spoke about the bureaucratic part of this type of collaboration, such as contracts, employment relationship, payments, among other documentation that must always be done under a legal framework.

Immediately afterwards, a discussion table was organized where the previous speakers participated and Maximilian Murck, director of Tec-Check, promoter of the collection of signatures, who formally presented before the Senate of the Mexican Republic, to promote advertising regulation with Influencers, also joined to improve the performance of all those involved.

Mesa de Bebate IMWeek
LEFT 2 RIGHT - Mario Betancourt, Maximilian Murck, Javier Yuste, Mayra Alcantara & Marisel López.

Without a doubt, the topic that was most emphasized at the tables and in which everyone agreed, was the use and constant innovation of technologies, used in Influencer Marketing, where added to the constant increase in the number of developers, facilitates the detection of audience interests, with much more accurate and reliable data, to carry out much more efficient campaigns. Current technological tools go beyond traditional demographic data; They segment, analyze behaviors, trends, identify bots, fake followers, etc., faster and more accurately.

After a coffee break, it was the turn of the intervention of Oscar Godínez and Miguel Bojorges, creatives at Another, who underlined the value of creativity in the industry, to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition and not fall into conventional advertising. , typical of other media and unrelated to Influencer Marketing.

The event concluded with a final discussion table where these last 2 speakers participated and were joined by Irma Carrillo from ONLI.MX, and Enrique Sarabia, CEO of renowned Influencers who have a community of more than 60 million subscribers on different YouTube channels. .

The IMWEEK22 had a great reception in the country, where it was confirmed that Influencer marketing is not even remotely a passing fad, but rather continues to evolve exponentially, the main reason why the founder of the Influencer Marketing  365 platform, Oscar Cumí and his manager in Latam, Adrià Muñoz, (organizers of the event) insist on the relevance of organizing this type of informative event, which through its protagonists, provides valuable information, needs, opinions, in addition to sharing different initiatives that are carried out in Mexico and other countries, for which its organizers confirmed that the second edition will be held in October 2023.

Thanks Mexico! See You Again in 2023!

Organizadores de la Influencer Marketing Week CDMX
LEFT 2 RIGHT - Oscar Cumí founder of IM365 & Adrià Muñoz LATAM Manager

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