Influencer Marketing Week en Ciudad de México

The Influencer Marketing Week in Mexico City!

This 2022 is going to celebrate the 4th edition of the Influencer Marketing Week, which unlike the last 2 editions, which for obvious reasons were 100% online, this year is presented as a novelty not only because we return to the live format with the event in Madrid (Spain), but also for the first time and live, in Mexico City sharing headquarters with Madrid.

What's the Influencer Marketing Week.

The Influencer Marketing Week is a multi-day event in which we take the pulse of the Influencer Marketing industry through conferences, round tables and panels, with some of the most important players in the Influencer Marketing industry.

We know that the name of the event can lead to confusion, so it should be clarified that this event is an event for Influencer Marketing professionals (Influencer Agencies, Marketing Agencies, Brands, managers, creatives,…). It’s an industry business event, where in addition to exhibiting all the news and trends that we can expect for the following year, networking can also be done.

Where and when is going to Take Place?

In Madrid, it will be held on October 6, at the Movistar Forum, while in Mexico City, it will be held on October 13, and will take place at the Casino Life del Valle at Insurgentes Sur in Mexico City.

What can we expect from the Influencer Marketing Week '22

Apart from the novelty that it’s the first edition to take place on the other side of the Atlantic, on the American grounds, we can expect different activities during the day

Different conferences will be held in which success stories will be shared, and the latest trends and developments in the industry in terms of strategy, automation platforms, and creativity.

Round table discussions will be held with industry leaders, in which they will exchange ideas, points of view, tips and tricks, and for which there will be a Q&A time for our attendees

In addition, we will take some time for good networking among attendees, since it’s a business event, what better framework for business to be carried out among attendees, right?

And as a final touch, Oscar Cumí, founder of the Influencer Marketing Week, and TOP 100 Speaker Spain by Thinking Heads, will introduce the Influencer Marketing 365 platform, which is a platform for Influencer Marketing professionals, and brands, in which continued training will be done, material will be exchanged, networking will be encouraged, and most importantly, it will become a flag to evangelize the media and industries about Influencer Marketing, since there is very bad press and much more fake news, of the result of ignorance. .

Brand Influencers Factory & Influencer Marketing Week

Brand Influencers Factory is proud to announce itself once again as a sponsor of the Influencer Marketing Week, and this year in Mexico City, as a co-organizer of it, supporting the organization and negotiation with the different Mexican sponsors.

That is why we want to thank Cirsa Group, for very kindly lending us the space of the Casino Life del Valle, to host the first edition of the Influencer Marketing Week in Mexico.

If you are interested in knowing how you can become a sponsor of the event in Madrid and Mexico City, and what benefits it can bring to your company and your brand, we invite you to see our presentation by clicking the button below:

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