B2B Influencer Marketing: 7 Stept to a Successful Campaign

B2B Influencer Marketing: 7 Steps to a Successful Campaign.

B2B Influencer Marketing works in a very similar way as in B2C campaigns. The objective is to partner with content creators or influencers, who have a particular credibility and captive audience in a particular niche or industry, and thus reach new audiences and achieve greater brand penetration. However, there are a few differences between B2B and B2C Influencer Marketing.

Differences between B2B and B2C Influencer Marketing.

  • B2B Influencer Marketing tends to partner with professionals and leaders in a particular industry, rather than looking for more social influencers (entertainment). These influencers may have a smaller, but much more specialized audience that interacts with the content to a greater degree.
  • The Content produced in B2B campaigns tends to be much more specific, and more detailed through ebooks, webinars and success stories, rather than simply promoting products.
  • B2B Influencer Marketing often requires more collaboration between the brand and the content creator. For example, the brand can provide the creator with products and services, or the influencer can give feedback in new product development.
  • B2B Influencer Marketing is usually much more complex than B2C, since decision-making is usually made in committee. Therefore, the campaign should focus on educating users, since it is much more effective in building trust.
  • B2B Influencer Marketing tends to have a much longer sales cycle, so the campaign focus should be much more long-term, nurturing relationships with the community, and following up on leads.
B2B Vrs. B2C

How to Create a B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Define your Goals.

Define in detail what are the objectives to be achieved with this campaign. In this way, it will allow you to be able to measure in detail the success (or failure) of your efforts.

Identify your Target Audience.

Clearly define the businesses you want to reach, and the user profile you want to reach with your campaign. This way, it will allow you to select the right influencers, and work with them to create relevant and valuable content.

Select and Contact the Influencers.

Look for content creators or influencers, who have a strong presence, and a large audience among your Buyer Personas, and who are relevant to your industry, your product, or your brand.

You have to take into account its authenticity, its Engagement-Rate, and its credibility when doing your selection.

Create Partnerships that Benefits both Parties.

Work with Influencers to create partnerships that are beneficial to both parties. This will involve offering content creators incentives such as product trials, exclusive access, or compensation, in exchange for promoting your brand in their content.

Create Relevant Content for your Audience.

Create relevant and valuable content for the Influencer’s audience. That may mean creating content tailored specifically for the content creator’s followers, or adapting existing content to be much more relevant to the influencer’s audience.

Promote and Distribute your Content.

Use your partnership with influencers to promote and distribute your content to your target audience. This may involve using the social media networks, the web, or the content creator’s email list to reach their audience.

Measure and Analyze Results.

You can only improve what you measure. Use metrics like web traffic, conversions, and engagement to track the success (or failure) of your Influencer Marketing campaign. Analyze the results to understand what has worked, and where there’s room for improvement.

As you can see, a B2B Influencer Marketing campaign requires planning, strategy, correction and long-term measurement for it to be successful. Therefore, if you need help, Brand Influencers Factory is at your disposal to guarantee the success of your campaign.

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